Other Family Members

They wear fur coats even in Summer, communicate without words, and depend on our attention, care and love as members of our family. Not just the nuclear family, but as companions to the human family throughout a long history.

That Extra Gland

You know you have it when you cannot say no to the downtrodden, forlorn and, above all, master manipulators of those of us born with a sympathy gland. To be fair, I should include all those who have acquired a similar phantom gland through guilt.

Story: Between Two Worlds

Henry points his finger at a cloud. He imagines the cotton feel on the tip of his finger. A butterfly passes close to his face. He likes the yellow ones on his grampa’s farm. His father called grampa grumpy. He didn’t look grumpy to Henry.

Story: A Small Encounter

“We at Blue Eagle Airlines apologize for the delay. We will get you on the next flight available.” The airline clerk whispers something and hands the official a hand-written note.

“Your new flight number is 643. Flight 643 is due to arrive in approximately 45 minutes. Thank you.”

Story: A Change of Mind

“Did you read about the accident on Lincoln Way? It’s on page 4.”
Marge never understood why Danny didn’t take the newspaper to work and read it during the day.

“I don’t read about tragedy.” As soon as the word came out, Marge knew she shouldn’t have said it.